C# Development

My first middle-tier language that I learned was CSharp. By injecting Razor into HTML I can make serverside functionality.


Using MVC 5 using Entity Framework 6 - I can make a Multi-Tiered, data driven website and link my SQL expertise with my C# expertise.

Visual Studios

Visual Studios is the IDE I have been trained the most in, and it can compile and build many different languages.

HTML 5 Development

Front-End development is a service I provide to any one who wants to me to make a fully responsive dynamic website.

CSS3 & javascript development

I utilize extensive CSS, javaScript, and jQuery when I make Website Applications. Ask me about how I use these to make websites function and look stylish.

Responsive web design

My websites look great on your computer, but what about mobile! When I create websites, I design them from the start with mobile responsiveness in mind.